Some of uk canada goose outlet Zizmor former patients said


ALBANY Dr. Jonathan Zizmor the Manhattan dermatologist whose face is plastered on his subway ads yesterday was fined $40,000 and put on probation for negligence. Zizmor, who promises better skin for his

patients, failed to perform adequate histories and physical exams on nine patients, the canada goose outlet state Health Department said. Some of uk canada goose outlet Zizmor former patients said they weren surprised by the news.

The Health Department, which set the probation for three years, also found Zizmor did not accurately reflect the care and treatment that was rendered in his medical records.

In canada goose outlet online uk four of the nine cases cited, the patients were actually undercover insurance agents.

Pat, canada goose clearance sale 27, a human resources assistant from Brooklyn, had a $400 chemical peel, but said yesterday, wasn really worth it. It more hype than anything.

Pat added, everybody wants an extra buck. He just another one of those people, like a Martha [Stewart] as she sat on a Q train across from canadian goose jacket a Zizmor ad that read fool around. Come to the Pro! Have your peel done by Dr. Zizmor.

The Zizmor fine and probation is tied to a fraud investigation conducted canada goose by the state canada goose outlet reviews Insurance Department four years ago that resulted in Zizmor paying a $100,000 fine after billing for acne surgery canada goose outlet canada he did canada goose uk outlet not perform.

Yesterday $40,000 fine was related to the medical aspects of that probe.

Under terms canada goose outlet uk of his probation, the Health Department can quickly move to suspend his license if he charged with official canada goose outlet another offense.

Zizmor attorney, Robert Abrams, said canada goose black friday canada goose uk black friday sale the doctor has canada goose outlet store Canada Goose Coats On Sale admitted no wrongdoing in settling the matter, and that were no serious health or medical issues asserted by the former patients referenced in the agreement.

the Canada Goose Online past 30 years, Dr. Zizmor has built a broad based dermatology practice that counts thousands of satisfied patients who praise his skill and effectiveness, Abrams said. this agreement, Dr. Zizmor will continue to provide uninterrupted service to cheap canada goose his canada goose outlet store uk patients.

Abrams said the Health Department did not claim Zizmor himself engaged canada goose outlet new york city in any billing goose outlet canada irregularities and that canada goose jacket outlet the employees involved in the incidents are no longer working for the doctor.


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